Upscale your healthcare facility profit by 46%

Upscale your
healthcare facility
profit by 46%

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Medical Billing: Ensuring long-term & sustained operations

Optimization is the key!

Increase accuracy and avoid audits

Healthcare providers lose a lot of money every year for a variety of reasons, including incorrect coding, inadequate documentation, errors in billing and collections, a failure to keep track of the entire medical claims process, and a failure to keep up with market developments. To secure prolong, continuous operations for healthcare professionals in order to maximise compensation, improve accuracy, and prevent audits, the medical billing process must be optimised. Adds a lot of complexity to medical billing, from improving the collections process to getting rid of reimbursement denials while also meeting HIPAA rules.

Professional Approach

Save more than 58% of overall expenses

To meet your needs, we are here. Leading provider of medical billing services, Med2Bill offers healthcare clients a wide selection of medical billing solutions. When you outsource your medical billing to us, we strive to provide top-notch revenue cycle management (RCM) services, which help providers generate revenue faster, run more efficiently, and spend less money on operations.

How We Raise The Bar in Medical Billing

Full Compliance

Strict paperwork standards for end-to-end medical billing solutions that adhere to HIPAA benchmarks.

Precise Claims Audit

Audits of denied claims are conducted in depth to determine if faults or mistakes were made when submitting the claim.

Experienced on-board

Qualified auditors constantly screen HCPCS, CPT-4, and ICD-10-CM coding in claim documents with precision.


Personal and Dedicated Approach​

Because it’s difficult to locate enough qualified specialists to submit medical claims efficiently and on time, healthcare providers are suffering cuts to their compensation. However, we give you access to knowledgeable and experienced billing professionals, including account managers who are subject matter experts and deliver outcomes that will optimize your organization’s performance and assure uninterrupted cash flows.

Medical Billing Services on our platter

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Monthly Closures on Time

24 Hour

Turnaround Time


Collection Rate

We Simplify Medical Billing to Ensure Maximum Reimbursement
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Who we help?

Home Health Providers

Durable Medical Equipment

Hospitals & Health Systems

Telemedicine Providers​

Pathology Groups

Hospice Providers

Physician Groups

Medical Billing Firms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though there’s no doubt that your in-house staff can do excellent work in medical billing, they often lack time and exposure to stay updated with the new healthcare landscapes. Additionally, it is also required that your resources have inadequate information and understanding of HCPCS level II codes and the entire workflow related to medical billing and reimbursement. Also, after the pandemic situation, the demand for medical equipment is growing rapidly, and finding “gem” resources seems to be like gold dust.

But, herein comes the Med2Bill that offers reliable and cost-effective medical solutions to its customers. We allow them to receive their hard-earned payments with our consistent medical billing approach. By outsourcing your medical billing services, you can focus on your customers and reduce your billing costs by more than 85 percent.

Medical includes all but is not limited to only hospitals, home centers, radiology centers, physicians, pathology centers, anesthetic specialists, and many more.

Yes, we’ll require your medical billing data. And, as far as transfer of data or information goes we offer world-class standards combining compliance with flexibility. You can scan and upload it on our server where it gets recorded. We can also retrieve/work remotely to have access to your current billing system. We believe in working as an extension of your existing operations!

We have demonstrated capabilities in recovering aging accounts as old as 90 days or more. Our team of denial management/accounts receivable experts delivers actionable support in handling delinquent accounts. We believe to improve your rate of collections by 50% to 60% within the first month itself with our engagement.